• Control theory is a discipline originated in mathematics and engineering science but was adopted also in psychology, social sciences and other research domains. It deals with influencing the behaviour of dynamical systems. In this article it is shown that concepts of control theory can also be applied to software architectures that have a need for controlling dynamical behaviour. Software applications that react to external input in form of GUI requests, batch input or service calls are indeed dynamical systems whose behaviour depends on current event, environment and actual system state. Read the full article here, fromTheServerSide
  • In an exclusive article for, Dr. Wolfgang Winter explains and describes a unique approach to controlling how an application is being used which is accomplished by the monitoring of processes and the status of domain objects. It's an interesting read, and it will give you a new and interesting perspective on the topic. Read more ...
  • Frameworks and applications in system integration mode have higher requirements on module and integration tests than hosted applications. Frameworks must work in various runtime environments, comprising operating systems, application servers, web containers and databases. This article presents the setup of a test environment that allows executing automated module and integration tests in multiple runtime environments. Execution of tests in these environments fits seamlessly into the Maven build process.