Discover the future of database documentation

With Japedo you can view all your database information in a sleek design coupled with information from your Java persistence application.

In former days 

software development was strictly separated: database developers created and managed the persistence scheme and defined tables, columns and their inter-relationships. Java developers created domain object classes based on the database scheme and implemented the business logic.

Thanks to Java Persistence API (JPA) these times are gone. The developer roles are fluid: Java developers think about how the entities are stored in the database or even let JPA create the database scheme and database admins must know what the application is doing to optimize the database design.

Why choose Japedo?

Classical database documentation tools analyze the database and create thereof a documentation of tables, columns, constraints and other database properties and artefacts. However, this is often not helpful. It lacks meaningful descriptions, the context, business relevance and an overall understanding of the application.

Japedo Persistence Documentation Generator goes beyond that!
It documents the complete persistence layer of any Java application that uses the Java Persistence API. 

And the best is: it's for free!

Java Developers

start with the JPA perspective to explore the entities, their properties, hierarchies and inter-relationships. From there they analyze how the JPA items are reflected in the database.

Database Admins

start with the database perspective to explore tables, columns, constraints and their properties. From the JPA view they gather additional information, contexts and the description of the persistent artifacts.

Project Managers

gain an overview of the complete persistence layer, they learn about the important
JPA artefacts, their counterparts in the database and their dependencies.

Business Analysts

find an overview of the domain objects, their descriptions, business relevance and inter-relations.