Pricing Table


Basic functionality
Unlimited usage
7 day trial of premium version



Full functionality
License per seat and year
Installation machine can be changed on a daily basis


Feature List


database scheme analysis



listing of tables, views, columns, constraints and indexes
linking from tables to mapped and associated JPA entities
JPA code analysis
listing of entities, embeddables mapped super classes and persistent enums
entity relations
linking from entities to tables
JavaDoc analysis
dynamic html presentation
Maven Integration
Graphical Representation od database structure and class diagrams (ORM diagrams)
domain object view
linking between JPA attributes and columns
search with auto-completion
analysis of persistence units
analysis of orm mapping files
detailed reporting of bugs, flaws and inconsistencies
multiple analysis of releases or installations within one Japedo run
compare functionality of database schemes and Java sources
mapping diagrams between entities, domain objects and tables