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Release Notes

Version 1.4 (10.9.2022)

  • Bug fix: Fix duplicated class attributes in combined diagram svg images
  • Bug fix: Fix missing entity reference in UNKNOWN_ENTITY error
  • Bug fix: Fix NPE when target type in relation is missing
  • Bug fix: Fix NPE when no ignored errors are set in the job
  • Bug fix: Fix reset of zoom slider of lower window
  • Bug fix: Fix search displays searched item in lower window when Alt key is pressed
  • Bug fix: Fix entity and domain diagrams containing items with the same name in different packages
  • Bug fix: Fix out of center zooming when scrolled
  • Improvement: resolve unique constraints from unique indexes
  • Improvement: performance improvement of diagram generation
  • Improvement: updated versions of libraries to fix some bugs
  • Improvement: scalable and resizable loupe for diagrams
  • Improvement: Resolving of domain boundaries and displaying them in the domain object diagram
  • Rule check: new rule checks that explicitly set column properties in @Column corresponds to the database column properties
  • Rule check: detect interdependencies between domains

Version 1.3 (8.7.2022)

  • Bug fix: Fix pruning of redundant types. Wrong types were pruned due to implemented equals() method
  • Bug fix: Fix missing sub classes of mapped super classes in model and graph
  • Bug fix: Fix graph moving out of center when zooming in/out
  • Bug fix: removed hierarchy information in domain object views
  • Bug fix: Fix missing level information in error details views
  • Bug fix: Fix Window title when clicking yellow chain icon
  • Improvement: slider on graphs for fine-grained zooming
  • Improvement: extended application information includes analyzed sources and dependencies
  • Improvement: error report renamed to issue report
  • Improvement: possibility to set issues to ignored in the configuration file
  • Rule check: new rule checks cascade type on relation attributes
  • Rule check: new rule detects duplicated dependencies in the classpath

Version 1.2 (20.5.2022)

  • Rule check: new rule checks that no mixed annotations on fields and properties
  • Rule check: new rule checks that transient fields have no JPA annotations
  • Rule check: new rule checks subclasses overriding mapping metadata of superclasses
  • Rule check: new rule checks that equals() and hashCode() methods are implemented in composite key classes
  • diagram that maps entity classes on tables
  • diagram that maps entity classes and domain objects
  • diagram that maps domain objects on tables
  • Class diagram of a single persistent type or enum show all classes that have a dependency to this class
  • Links added to class diagrams of single persistent types and enums which point to the detail presentations
  • Table diagram of a single table show all other tables that have a constraint to this table
  • Links added to table diagrams of single tables which point to the detail presentations
  • Bug fix wrong number/string comparison when initializing svg diagrams
  • Bug fix missing escaping of unicode characters in documentation
  • Bug fix missing size property when comparing columns
  • Bug fix remove obsolete panel type settings
  • Bug fix that differences in a parent class are not also displayed as duplicates for child classes
  • Bug fix that differences in an embeddable class are not displayed as duplicates for embedding classes

Version 1.1 (6.1.2022)

  • fix canceling the settings dialog
  • increase flexibility for opening links in upper or lower window with mouse click + Alt key
  • small layout improvements
  • library versions upgraded
  • zoom and pan of database and JPA overview images
  • linking from tables and classes in database and JPA overview images to the respective details in tabular form
  • comparing functionality between jobs for database tables and JPA classes (premium version)

Version 1.0 (23.10.2021)

  • graphical representation of JPA classes and tables and their relations
  • new html page for error reports (premium version)
  • Support of multiple analysis jobs per Japedo execution and of stored job executions. Menu for dynamically switching between jobs (premium version)
  • Check of the application for respecting rules and conventions of the JPA specification (premium version)
  • settings dialog layout improved
  • Not required anymore to set Java version in PATH. The Main class can also be called directly with the Java runnable.
  • Adjust maximum height of popup window to viewport size
  • Re-design of configuration file from properties format to structured xml based on xsd

Version 0.5.1 (19.6.2021)

  • fix layout problem of top menu bar when reference name differs in length
  • fix for JPA classes inheriting from non-JPA classes
  • fix for non existing target/test-classes directory
  • fix for multiple occurrences of persistent types with different qualified name but same name
  • fix defaulting referenced column name of secondary tables @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn
  • fix List and Map attributes annotated with @Lob
  • fix missing column error for inverse column of ElementCollection table
  • fix missing view error
  • add support for japedo maven plugin
  • configuration parameter meta.dbReferenceName renamed to
  • Error report layout improved

Version 0.5 (8.5.2021)

  • Restructuring and renaming of configuration parameters
  • Small layout improvements
  • New business domain type perspective (premium version)
  • Analyzing of persistence units (premium version)
  • Support of orm xml mapping files (premium version)
  • Remove from the list redundant mapped super classes and embeddables
  • Display for embeddables in which classes they are embedded
  • Display for mapped super classes of which classes they are super classes
  • Add linkage for foreign key table
  • Improve error reporting of missing sources and compilation errors
  • Add database reference value and execution time in the Japedo report header
  • Linkage of table columns with JPA and domain object attributes (premium version)
  • Display complete manifest content
  • Replace lists in settings dialog with radio buttons
  • Search functionality with auto-completion (premium version)
  • Fix analysis of primary and foreign key constraints with multiple columns
  • Performance improvements

Version 0.4 (12.12.2020)

  • Bugfix: null value in foreign key column names
  • Bugfix: missing table name links in some references of [Table/Column] column in JPA perspective
  • Bugfix: only read indexes for tables not for views
  • Bugfix: hide embedabble attributes of superclasses when 'show superclass attributes' is set to false
  • Bugfix: stop complete documentation generation if one thread in parallel processing is interrupted due to timeout or error
  • Bugfix: don't set discriminator value for mapped super classes
  • Improvement: Compilation of the Java sources returns JapedoRuntimeException if an error occurs and further processing stops
  • Improvement: Support of slashes and backslashes in paths of properties in configuration file
  • Improvement: set default timeout to -1 (no timeout)
  • Improvement: collect non-fatal errors and continue processing. Errors are reported at the end
  • Improvement: Performance increase of database analysis, added the possibility to configure the number of threads to be used for database inspection
  • Improvement: Better distinction between documentation generated by database or source code analysis in html presentation by colors

Version 0.3 (8.11.2020)

First release