Current Version is 0.4 (12.12.2020)

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Release Notes

Version 0.4 (12.12.2020)

  • Bugfix: null value in foreign key column names
  • Bugfix: missing table name links in some references of [Table/Column] column in JPA perspective
  • Bugfix: only read indexes for tables not for views
  • Bugfix: hide embedabble attributes of superclasses when 'show superclass attributes' is set to false
  • Bugfix: stop complete documentation generation if one thread in parallel processing is interrupted due to timeout or error
  • Bugfix: don't set discriminator value for mapped super classes
  • Improvement: Compilation of the Java sources returns JapedoRuntimeException if an error occurs and further processing stops
  • Improvement: Support of slashes and backslashes in paths of properties in configuration file
  • Improvement: set default timeout to -1 (no timeout)
  • Improvement: collect non-fatal errors and continue processing. Errors are reported at the end
  • Improvement: Performance increase of database analysis, added the possibility to configure the number of threads to be used for database inspection
  • Improvement: Better distinction between documentation generated by database or source code analysis in html presentation by colors

Version 0.3 (8.11.2020)

First release